Jo's personal passion for Yoga began almost 10 years ago and over the last decade she has experienced a continuous journey of learning and growth.

The positive effect that Yoga has had on her life has led her to want to share the life altering benefits with others, enabling people to experience balance and strength in the body and peace and stillness of mind.

After living in Sydney for several years and enjoying the rich yoga culture, Jo decided to undertake her 200hr Yoga Teacher training at InYoga Sydney, a prestigious studio run by Nicole Walsh and Rod Galbraith, both world renowned for introducing the "Power Yoga Movement." to Australia.

The completion of the course has enabled Jo to create and teach cohesive, well-rounded and compassionate Vinyasa Flow classes.

Jo's classes concentrate of the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, focusing on the following: "Asana" - the physical and energetic alignment of poses and posture. "Dhyana" - meditation, which is integrated into all classes. And "Pranayama" - breath control, delivering simple yet powerful breathing techniques for yogi's.